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Off power over steer on carpet

My local club just started it's Winter Carpet series a few weeks ago and this year I picked up a XXX-S being the avid Losi fan that I am. I love the car but I've been having a small problem with keeping the rear end planted when decelerating and entering a corner. We've been running a really short track so far which is a 48 x 32 layout on nappless carpet made of Olefin (just like "fall apart" Ozite only much stronger). The racing surface has an extreme amount of available traction and I've raced on it many times before. So far I changed from the stock setup and went to an 80wt oil front and back w/ stock purple springs and red pistons in front, and HPI yellow (stiffer than Losi silvers) springs w/ red piston in the rear. I've moved the rear shocks bottom mounts to the outer holes on the a-arms and lower the ride height as low as possible with the droop set at 7 on the Losi gauge. The front ride height is set with the top of the shock collars flush with the top of the shock body and the droop is set a 7 also. I'm running Jaco Medium Purple foams all the way around and using Trinity Red Dot compound on the rears. I've also dialed all of the brakes out of my speed control.

Right now I'm racing in the stock class because of the small track but this weekend I'll switch to mod as we are doubling the tracks size. It hooks up alot better now but I don't like the inconsistancy of using a traction additive since it tends to wear off towards the end of the race. As well, I'm also concerned that switching to mod will magnify the problem due to the higher speeds. Any educated advice would be appreciated.
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