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just got into racing with an old TT01 which I've used to bash around car parks. So after some advice from other TT01 runners

Changed my gearing to a non standard ratio as most guys at the track run a really low ratio to stay competitive, and wanted to see how I can check if I've got gear mesh right. The way I've been checking is to slip a piece of paper between the gears and then pull. At the moment, I can't get it out unless I turn the gears which suggests that their meshing right. Is this correct?

Also wanted to check how long the silver can motors last and how to work out when their about to die. My current motor seems very slow. Though I'm not sure if its because everyone else is soo much faster than me. Also noticed that when its out of the engine mount (sound isnt' as noticable when its in the car), it occasionally makes a screeching sound, and I can see bright sparks (is this arcing) through the vent holes. The motor has seen probably 30 or 40 packs (prob at least 3 hrs runtime) around a mix of dusty carparks and underground garages.
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