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Brian McGreevy
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Damon...I checked the laptimes from last weekend, I got into the 11's with the D12 in the main. In that run the car was pretty slow (HP...the motor went from fast to not very fast...), so I only cracked 11.9's...but with a good 19t in it I could've gotten down into 11.6 or 11.7 territory. The angled servo really smoothed the car out...I think you should try it.

As far as your XLR8, I think it showed potential but the setup you had on there didn't seem to be right. It looked awfully stiff to me. I think purple/copper springs and 70/50 oil w/ #2's would've been awesome (that's what I ran on my TC3 when I made the A @ 2005 Novak race) and would've gotten you consistently into the 11's like the rest of us.

I'll give you a call about the Corally stuff soon.

BTW, Damon, Seaball = Chris Goetz

Sorry Tony Bojangles, I let the secret out! LOL
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