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Originally Posted by Sokool
I have been running my 19T around 6.100 but I know that is way to high for a mod motor.
First you'd better fill us in on how you've come up with 6:1. You must be hitting peak revs somewhere near the apex of the tightest turn on the track and then getting passed like you're tied to a stake on the straights while your motor tries to throw a wind. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

OR...if you've got 1/10 pan car tires on the rear your gearing is probably spot on.

Somewhere around 4:1 or a little lower (numerically) should be in the ballpark for your 19-turn but it 100% depends on your tire diameter. That's why things like this are quoted as ROLL-OUT, because the gear ratio IS dependant on tire diameter. They can't be separated from each other.

I'm running somewhere in the 38-40mm roll-out range with my Velociti 6.5 which is supposed to be similar to a 9-10 turn motor.


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