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Originally Posted by andrewdoherty
I have what I was told is a bone stock car. I am obviously starting out with a stock motor ( I am currently running tock and 19t in my rdx). I have a 64 p 100t spur and cant seem to get anything bigger than a 26t pinion on the motor due to not being able to move the motor any more forward. The local fast racer told me I should be running about a 30-32 t pinion for our track and that I would need to cut into the t-bar to get proper gear mesh. It does not appear that the small amo0unt of cutting I could do (the motor is actually hitting the nuts holding the t-bar ontot the rear pod) would make enough of a difference to get much more than a 28 t pinion on the motor. It seems that a better alternative would be to use a smaller spur and then recalculate my fdr to = 100/31 or so. How does this work? Should I secure the battery trays to the chassis in any manner? Any time I do anything with the batteries not in the car they seem to just fall out. I was thinking a bit of shoe goo in a couple spots would keep them in place and still be removeable when needed. Also how do you measure the front toe for a pan car? I am accustomed to using set up blocks for my sedan. Do you twelvies sauce the inside half of the front tires like us sedan guys? What ride height should I shoot for? I will stop asking for now. I need sleep and someone is about to reply usi9ng this emoticon
I had the same problem, I couldn't get the right gearing for the track I was running, so I switched to a smaller spur gear and I was able to get the rollout I wanted. You could file down the T-Bar and nut, it does make a difference, but switching to a smaller spur gear would be an easier fix. As for you battery trey you could shoe goo it to the chassis or take a piece of battery strapping tape and wrap it around the center bar of the hold down. I measure my toe in just by eye balling it, not the most accurate way of doing it but thats just me. When sausing your tires I usually sause a third to half fronts and full rears depinding on traction. Hope this helps!
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