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Originally Posted by Stevietd14
Ive been recently debating between the new checkpoint 19t and the v2 style 19t's and I was wondering what options does checkpoint have for brushes?
I see only two at tower
and I really dont want to have to pay $10/pr of brushes compared to the v2 style enduro10-30 for $4 . I run 6 cells so could i even use the atlas stlye(4cell) ones?Would I still be able to expect high numbers of runs between cuts like the $10 brush?If not, about how many runs can I get with the 4cell brushes?Are there any other options for brushes compatible with checkpoint motors besides the ones I listed?Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance for all the help.
I'm no check point expert but if they are using the same brush on the 19turn as the mods then brush life shouldn't be a problem. I ran the same pair of brushes during the entire nats in a 7x1. Practice and qualifying and the mains and will run it again for the first asphalt race.
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