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Heres my stock carpet / foam tire set-up from yesterday. The car had smooth, but slightly aggressive steering and good rotation while transitioning very well and remaining stable. The track was small and technical w/ medium traction. Give it a try:

Chassis / Center post: Hpi 3mm lower & 2.5mm upper w/ tweak mod. / yes.

Diff setting / Type: medium-tight / delrin.
Shock oil: 70wt. Trinity.
Shock piston: #3.
Shock bladder: Firm (stock).
Springs: Xray Purple - 33 lbs.
Shock position on tower: #2 hole.
Shock position on arm: outer hole.
Front suspension mount: 3 deg. toe block / 1mm spacer.
Rear suspension mount: no spacer.
Camber mount location: #3 position on optional graphite camber plate. No spacers under inner or outer ball studs.
Camber: -2 deg.
Caster block: 4
Ackerman: #1 hole on steering plate / #1 hole on steering knuckle.
Sway Bar: 1.2mm / aluminum ball mount flush.
Toe: out -1 deg.
Width: 190mm
Droop: 4mm
Ride height: 4mm
Tire Type / Diameter: Jaco - Orange/Purple (plaid) / 55mm (use traction compound on inner-half of tires).
Traction compound: Paragon.

Diff / Type: Medium / Delrin
Shock oil: 70wt. Trinity.
Shock piston: #3.
Shock Bladder: Firm (stock).
Springs: Xray L. Red - 35 lbs.
Shock position on Tower: #4 hole.
Shock position on arm: #2 hole (middle).
Front suspension mount: no spacer.
Rear suspension mount: 1 degree toe block / no spacer.
Camber mount locations: inner on optional camber plate - #2 position / outer (hub) #1 position w/ 2mm spacer under ball stud.
Camber: -2
Sway Bar: 1.6mm / aluminum ball mount back 4mm.
Droop: 4mm
Wheelbase: short
Width: 190mm
Ride Height: 4.5mm
Tire type / Diameter: JACO - Purple / 55mm. (traction compound full tire.)
Traction compound: Paragon.
Gearing: Spur 98T 64p / Pinion 31T 64p
Final Drive Ratio: 7.70

Body: Protoform G6
Motor: Axxis Racing - Vitec (Monster Based)
Batteries: Axxis Racing - Voltaxx HES IB3800
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