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Default Beginners question , pls help

Hi all.I just got into rc and i have some basic questions regarding charging/discharging batteries.i know this is a company forum but i hope this is a good place to ask..
right now im running multiple 1500nicads (soon i will get 2400's).let's say i start from a fresh , off-the shop-counter pack.I have an LRP micro-charger.i need to charge it fully before i use it right?and after a coupla minutes ...the car slows down and the pack's ALMOST do i continue to run the car until it absolutely cannot move?or should i pull it out and let cool and charge it again , BEFORE the baterry's completely dead?i know i should use a discharger but i dont have any yet.also dont have resources to build one yet.but as i see it that's te only 2 ways right?so after i charge them this cycle is repeated right?
Which is the correct way?would it be the same for 2400 nicads?i dont plan to use NiMH's yet.
BTW , based on my experience of using standard nicads for toys , the slower the charge rate the longer the battery life right?then why do we charge at such high amp rates?
Please help a newbie , thanks.
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