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Originally Posted by nnick
I'm reading the whole thread with much interest but still haven't decided to buy or not ceramic bearings!!

Does the investment worth?

Also, what do you think about ceramic bearings on the motor?? What size are they I'm trying to find them at boca site but can't


do you want less maintainance? if so, get them. if you plan to run the same car for a few years, they will pay for themselves after the first year. as for in the motor, check for legality under roar rules if your track abides by them. ceramics weren't legal for nitro for a while after they were first out, i have no idea about electrics.

as for performance wise, you probibly wont see an ontrack difference unless your running 5 minutes without hitting anything. if so, then your times may come down after thier seals break in.
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