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Originally Posted by Rookie Solara
No matter what, I think this is (by far) the best chance for Team Serpent to show ppl that their 1/8th and MEGA are capable to be the A1 position (under shadow of Mugen and Kyosho for way too long).....what very interested me is BARRY about someone is totally new to the 960 (ok...all he need is 2-3 months because he is BAKER)........and he did so good on the 1/8th so far. (I know 1/8th is not new for him).

Serpent gonna sign him for 1/8th next season............I take it AE are not planning to make a competition 1/8th in the near future.
your right we do need a big win to set off that the 960 a winning race car . in all hands
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