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Originally Posted by trf_racer
In my opinion, everyone in this hobby should support the locals, not buying online. If you don't support the locals, you will destroy the hobby in your area, people would then have no tracks to run their cars!
Usually tracks disappear from employee/owner burn-out, mis-managed tracks or too many tracks to support a small populous of racers. There is nothing wrong with buying online or searching out better deals.

Sure I try and give my LHS or track my business if they can come close to some of the best deals on products. I am not going to kiss my brains away supporting full list prices when I can get them 30% to 50% off elsewhere. For some guys money does not matter, for me I have to watch what I spend.

I did buy my latest car a month ago at my local track. My hopup parts I did buy mostly from Hong Kong or Japan with a few from my LHS. Everyone has an opinion or situation they work within. There are as well many other threads that re-hashed this same topic. This is not one of them.
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