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Default HPI Nitro set-up


I think the 8 deg was a mistype. Maximum rear toe for an HPI Nitro sedan is 2 degrees total.

Some Comments on your set-up;

Ride height: perfect!

Springs: Unless you HAVE to run Black springs get 1 pair each of the Yellow, Red & Green springs.
Try yellow in back and Red in the front. You should have more overall traction even with the same tires.

Droop: Try 2mm Front droop and 3-4mm Rear droop. This should make the car more stable and easier to drive fast.

Shock oil: Slightly heavier oil will help the car maintain balance better while improving response.

Camber: Zero in the Front is good. Try running -1 deg. or less in the rear. You should see an improvement in rear traction and stability with this.

Toe: Front Zero, Rear 2 degrees is the maximum total availible.

Swaybars: A swaybar at any end of the car will take AWAY traction from that end. (Front more push, rear less traction)

Tire: A better set of tires will make a world of difference. When $$ permits, get some tires based on the surface that you are running on. If you want to stay with HPI, the "R" series tires work better than the X-patterns.
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