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Originally Posted by macnkitty2002
does anybody have the EB Mods version of the .12 TZP engine? is the moded engine much better than the stock engine?
What they did was take the stock TZ 5-port crank and mod'ed it and placed it in the 3-port... Put a 2 sec sleeve cut on it and slapped a $280.00 price tag on it... So most of the power inprovement is coming from the crank work and the quailty of the piston and sleeve.. You could buy the 3 port and drop the 5 port crank in it for $25.00 dollars extra and have almost the same engine for $50.00-$60.00 less... If you really want a TZ that a company put some real effort into making the motor better, then check out M-speed, JP through Mugen USA or Murman modified motors... Is the EB Mods TZ a bad motor??? No... And no, I'm not bashing EB Mods nor the motor... It's just that they could have done a better job on it... I could say more but, Hey many people might be happy with there EB Mods TZ... I bought one and open it up... I'll wait for the JP version for Mugen USA to come out... Robbie... I'll be calling you..

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