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Hi guys. Greetings from Malta.

FUTUREAL. I get all my Yokomo stuff from CML in England. They are usually very well stocked.

Next time I'm on the phone to Mark or Jason i'll ask about these new bits.

I tend to prefer a tub chassis. It has got to be stronger and tweeks less, and the biggest advantage is that it keeps things inside it. Remember the cells flying out of YR4s every time they have a bump. Even more expensive, if someone gets you broadside it's your expensive speedo that gets it first.

I like the special chassis. It's slim, light and more than strong enough. I wonder what the advantage of the new one is, apart from looks - if you like that sort of thing!

For the gentleman asking about servos I use KO 2143 Digital. As I have mine across the chassis it fits perfectly between the ribs so there's no chance of it moving about - remember it's only taped on.


Joe from sunny Malta.
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