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Yesterday was the first racing day for MTX3 here and it was an international invitation race. Barry Baker and some of the top asian drivers were here too.

There were 5 MTX3 in the final. Barry was TQ (as usual). one V1R, one serpent one GT4 and one impulse pro.

Barry has got clutch gear problem. and the japanese guy with V1R got 1st place. MTX3 was at 3rd place and the thai guy with serpent 705 second with 1/2 lap faster then MTX3. The track was a football worn out asphalt surface and it is fair to everybody as it was not carried out at a permanent track here.

It is always at the TX side to determine the winner but it is a kind of indication from the population of the MTX3 in the final where MTX3 has only 2 weeks age.
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