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Originally Posted by sk72

I am a big fan of traxxas, currently I am in US... I have had the Traxxas 4-tec nitro, Stampede, Rustler and T-Maxx.. I have sold the 4-tec and the Stampede but I love the T-maxx and the Rustler.. I have shipped my T-Maxx and Rustler back to Msia ... and now I am planning to buy the Revo.. I am just curious to find out if we have a dealer which sells Traxxas parts..

Althogh I am already working here, I am planning to head back for good soon and continue my hobby as a RC enthu.. any help would be highly appreciated...

Thanks Guys..

Selangor, Malaysia
me too almost falling into traxxas when it was 1st lucky coz nobody here bringing those. Last i knew Daisheng shop gona bring it but that was 3years ago which is now i dont think they did..
see u really into traxxas and like almost half crazy of it,suggest u get most of the important expandable parts and get in touch wit the current local shop there for future supports..
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