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Originally Posted by killingtime
Carl, don't let all the rumblings about the rear toe-in sway you away from the car. I can't tell if mine has it or not. It certainly doesn't show on the track. A friend of mine does have the issue, but he still runs the car just fine. Look back in the threads and Brit even said he loves the car, but it has this "issue". I'm sure it'll get resolved. Check out the Xray forums, company reps have already stated they are aware of the problem and will be addressing it.
Do any of you guys remember when the Associated TC3 came out with different rear toe on each side and won darn near every race for about two years! They eventually fixed the problem but it took a long time. There were no sites like this back then so everyone lived with the slight problem without a lot of keyboard courage and went out and won races....just like the T2 is doing now.
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