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This is a very old and tired debate. The Reflex is nothing more than a V-ONE R with KFACTORY hopups. 90% of the Reflex parts are interchangeable with the V-ONE R and although the molds may be slightly different, the suspension is pretty much the same.
Joel Johnson himself has stated that Trinity wanted to start off with a solid platform (V-ONE R), and build off of it to make it the most race ready out of the box.

The major differences between the suspension geometry would be found in the rear of the car. The reflex has slightly more rear anti-squat, an adjustable wheelbase, and a Serpent style two speed. The KFactory 4MM chassis with a lowered battery mounting and a lowered gas tank is also very nice, although it is rather heavy. I used to hate having to take off the top plate just to change the battery on the V-ONE R.

Having owned both cars, I've replaced most of the plastic molds with V-ONE R parts. The fit/finish, and most of all durability of Kyosho parts is second to none, and I have yet to break any single Kyosho part.

I purchased one of the first Reflex kits to come out and there were a number of problems and durability issues with the Plastic molds. Binding suspension, gritty differentials, incorrect shock lengths with standard ball cups etc. It was just easier for me to use spare V-ONE R parts as replacements, and to top it off most Kyosho replacement parts were cheaper for me than the equaivalent Reflex parts.

The endpoints of the plastic molds may be identical to the V-ONE R, but the mounting positions are just different enough, that if you convert one part like the front bulk head, you will have to convert all the associated parts (A-Arms, bumper, etc.) to get it to fit correctly. Trinity made just enough changes to ensure that you have to buy their parts for replacements.

Other than that, the differentials, pulleys(excluding the break pulley), etc are a direct replacement. I'm sure Trinity has addressed most of the initial problems with the molds since it's release, and it is a very competitive and easy to drive car.

The bottom line is go with what you have support with in your area. Both cars have a solid design with the majority of the weight (gas tank, battery, steering servo), along the center line of the chassis.
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