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no no no,,, I was just trying to point out that the design was clearly a direct copy. Nobody desputes that. They took hop up parts for the V one R and built almost an identical car. I'm not the most seasoned RC veteran but not only is this common knowledge its something I've looked into myself. When buying a car I think people want to know that. It's not a small detail. Furthermore, there is a difference between cars "evolvlving" from other designs; i.e. Serpent ---> V1R, MTX2, GT4, etc. Kinda like the Ford Model T lead to the revolution and thus evolution of the automobile itself and other American automobiles in particular. There is a big difference between that and if I took hop up parts, say for a Honda Accord, and made a car that was almost exactly like it. That's what the Reflex is to the V1R.
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