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Originally Posted by rangulo
Rene-have you recovered from the trip to FL...HEHE

Is the Worlds using 16% nitro or does anyone have an idea of the make up of the fuel so we can duplicate the fuel to use it here in the USA for practice...
Yes the World Championship uses 16% nitro as per the IFMAR rules.

For the Pre Worlds the controlled fuel is RunnerTime Top 16%.

For the World Championships in September we as the host club have to make 3 reccomendations to IFMAR in order of preference of the fuel we would like to be used as the controlled fuel 8 months before the event. IFMAR then make the final decsion and will announce it 6 months before the event.

All the information is in the rules listed below and available on the IFMAR website at http://www.ifmar.org

5.22 Fuel: A controlled commercially available fuel containing methanol, oil lubricant and nitromethane (with a maximum of 16% measured in volume), decided by the IFMAR I.C. Executive must be used.

5.22.1 The manufacturer who was selected to supply the fuel for the previous IFMAR 1/10th I.C. 200mm World Champonship event is not eligible to supply fuel for the next IFMAR 1/10th I.C. 200mm World Championship event, unless there are no other alternatives.

5.22.2 The type of fuel is decided by the IFMAR I.C. Executive, together with the race organiser (race organiser recommends three (3) types of fuel in order of preference). The race organiser has to forward the recommendations to the IFMAR I.C. Section Chairman eight (8) months before the event. The final decision will be made six (6) months before the event by a majority vote of the IFMAR I.C. Executive and all Blocs will be notified of the decision.

5.22.3 The recommended types of fuel must be commercially available at the time of the organiserís recommendations, (eight (8) months prior to the event) and remain available up until the final decision six (6) months prior to the event. The selected fuel must continue to be commercially available in the period from six (6) months prior to the event up until the commencement of the event.

5.22.4 An amount of $US20 will be added to each entry fee to cover the additional cost of official event fuel.

5.22.5 Practice: For practice and pit running purposes only, all competitors must be able to purchase at the event a minimum of ten (10) litres of the controlled fuel at standard commercial rates.

5.22.6 Racing: At the commencement of official qualifying, the controlled fuel must be used for running on the track. This fuel is to be maintained by the organiser, in association with the IFMAR representative, within the controlled pitlane area. This controlled fuel must be identical to the fuel sold to the competitors for the practice period.

5.22.7 All mechanics, team managers and cars will be checked for compliance for the rules when entering the controlled pitlane, i.e. no fuel or fuel bottles and cars with empty fuel tanks. Upon entering the pitlane, mechanics will be allowed to retrieve their fuel bottleand/or fuel gun and a 4 or 5 litre container of fuel from their heatís storage area. It is the mechanicís responsibility to transfer the fuel from the fuel container to the fuel bottle and/or the fuel gun. For longer races, i.e. finals, an IFMAR fuel representative will be in the pitlane to assign more fuel to a mechanic, if necessary.

5.22.8 At the completion of the heat/final, all fuel bottles, fuel guns and containers of fuel must be returned to their heatís storage area.

5.22.9 At no time may fuel bottles, fuel guns or containers of fuel be removed from the controlled pit area once official racing has commenced.

5.22.10 Any infringement of these rules by a mechanic/team manager/driver or any associated person will cause that driver to be excluded from the event. Further punishment to be determined by IFMAR, such as a ban from future international racing.

Regards Alastair
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