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Yes I agree scott I drove the kyosho car loved it and it won the worlds but you never seen me say kyosho is the best mugen suck everything else sucks. They are all great cars and all make a quality product. But there is no reason for anyone to say get this exact car unless there sponsered by them. You say I drive a mugen or kyosho or serpent and I like the car very much supports good in my area and car has treated me well. Not mugen is the best. Mugen has the newest car out so everyone thinks its the greatest thing its not much different. Me personally will never buy a mugen on my own, not because i don't like the car. I attended the winternats last year and one of the 50/50 drives pushed another driver and was trying to fight them and I was one of the people breaking it up. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I won't down talk the mugen car.
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