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i currently have these up for grabs.. all are NIP unless stated

GT-4 hop-ups/parts new in package for sale. $220 shipped

ZE-002S 70-75 Alum Chassis (same as the one that comes with the GT-4 Pro kit)

ZE-412F Front anti-roll bar X 2
ZE-671MT2 Hollow Middle Layshaft X 2
ZE-609MS Clutch Spring, Soft (ZE-MTC) X 2
ZE-609MH Clutch Spring, Hard (ZE-MTC) X 2
ZE-610M Clutch Bell (ZE-MTC)
ZE-604M Flywheel (ZE-MTC)
ZE-633 Brake Cam X 3
ZE-673A2 Aluminum Middle Layshaft Mount
ZE-641 First Gear Hub 2-Spd X 2
ZE-630 Brake Disk
ZE-632H High Performance Brake Lining
ZE-631 Steel Brake Pad
ZE-631S Brake Pad Support
ZE-010FSA Front Axle, 2 pcs X 2
ZE-618 18T 1st Gr Pinion 2-Spd
ZE-621 21T 2nd Gr Pinion 2-Spd
ZE-617 17T 1st Gr Pinion 2-Spd
ZE-620 20T 2nd Gr Pinion 2-Spd X 2
ZE-615 15T 1st Gr Pinion 2-Spd
ZE-618-2 18T 2nd Gr Pinion 2-Spd
ZE-616 16T 1st Gr Pinion 2-Spd
ZE-619 19T 2nd Gr Pinion 2-Spd
ZE-615M 15T 1st Gr Pinion (ZE-MTC) X 2
ZE-616M 16T 1st Gr Pinion (ZE-MTC) X 2
ZE-619M 19T 2nd Gr Pinion (ZE-MTC)
ZE-620M 20T 2nd Gr Pinion (ZE-MTC) opened but unused
ZE-198 Rr Wide Drive Belt
ZE-001FS Urethane Bumper
ZE-644S 44T 2nd Gr Spur 2-Spd (For ZE-640S) X 3
ZE-645S 45T 2nd Gr Spur 2-Spd (For ZE-640S)
ZE-647 47T 1st Gr Spur 2-Spd
ZE-651W Muffler Wire
ZE-007H Fr & Rr Upper Arm Set, Hard X 2
ZE-415FB Front Steering Block (Type B) X 2
ZE-415F Fr Hub Carrier
ZE-001P Fr Plastic Bumper Set X 2
ZE-016R Rr Body Mount Stay
ZE-016 Body Mount Set
ZE-300RS Rr Bulkhead Support & End
ZE-300F Fr Bulkhead
ZE-008FH Fr Lower Susp Arm Set, Hard
ZE-415R Rr Hub Carrier
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