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Originally posted by rccarracer
Lately I've had really bad glitching with my 414M.....
But it only seems to happen when I get on my first thought was arcing of the motor, but the motor is brand new, literally, this glitching happened on it's first run!!

I've been thinking it could be my servo as it is the only thing that has changed when I changed 414Ms....
What do you think? I'm pretty sure it isn't the receiver and I have swapped to check and it happens with all crystals!!

Also could it be the car? I read in an earlier thread that some guy had trouble with his HPI Pro2, and when he changed the chassis it was fine, but that seems unlikely that this is happening here?

Anyone got any idea what I can do?
Well I know that it is not the servo or ESC, could stll be the receiver but then I would have 2 bad receivers!!
Do you think it could be the chassis? Or the way all my electronics are mounted?
But I've mounted them just like you see every 414M owner do, with the receiver under the bellcranks and the speedo between the receiver and the batteries.....
The only thing I can think of is that the receiver antenna has to be moved.....anyone got any pics of their car to show how the antenna is routed in the car?
Got any ideas about what I could do? It would be a great help....
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