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Originally Posted by fjm9898
hey batt man. i have 1b3800s and gp3700s. do i have to wory about the 030 hurting GP cells likfe the IBs if i let the voltage go to low or are teh 3700s pretty robust like the 3300s where you can just about take them down to zero with not causeing to much harm?
I want to clarify one thing.
The issue with the IB's not going down to 0 volts has NOTHING TO DO WITH NOT BEING AS ROBUST. In fact, the IB is an EXTREMELY ROBUST CELL.
Just look at the current v. voltage characteristics of the IB3800.

The issue with the IB loosing capacity when being taken down past 0.5 volts has nothing to do with the robust issue, it has to do with the chemical and material characteristics of the cell. NiMh cells ARE NOT DESIGNED to be discharged to 0 volts, even GPs.

That being said, I have not done enough tests on the latest GP3700 cells to tell if they will get damaged or if you will gain anything by discharging this way... SORRY!

However, in my opinion, it is better NOT TO DISCHARGE the batteries down to 0 volts.
Most (if not all) cells loose ENERGY (POWER) when they are discharged to 0 volts.
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