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Originally Posted by senna555

Are the .9 piston still available? I purchased a new rdx with the 1.3 pistons and I sold my old one...however I have really been struggling with setting on the car...I can only figure it is the difference in pistons.

I have tried toso setup and cuffs setup listed on the website and the car has an on power push(high speed sweeper type of turns) and tons of off power steering.

I have tried changing the damping but I my car seemed to work much better with the .9 pistons with 40 front and 30 rear oil...any other suggestions other than the pistons...caster and rear toe in adjustment have not really solved the problem.

Thanks Jamie
Yes, the pistons are still available. They just put the 1.3mm ones in since everyone was switching to them. How high bite of track are you running? I ran today and went down to 30lb springs in the front and it was way better. I thought about trying the 26lb. Perhaps also try less droop in the front, unless you are already running about 1-2mm up travel.

The excess off power is usually due to droop and weight transfer.

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