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Originally Posted by XMSRacing
lol way to back out of your statement. I was just curious what made you think this.. nothing more. I think its interesting when people post their random opinion (which is great, dont get me wrong) but then do not provide anything behind it to back it up.

I haven't heard anything negative about fusion's joints either.

I love hearing peoples opinions... really opens up your mind and gets your thinking about things from all angles. But opinions with no backing are just flaming as far as I'm concerened.
Erm no. I never said anything about fusions joints. I am saying that there are far more factors that make a bigger difference to the cars performance than some little heatsinks on a battery bar. If you are so open to other peoples and opinions then why are you moaning about me doing it....?

what backing do you want????? If there is anybody out there that could compare both types of battery bar and give us some results that show a worthy performance gain please post them.
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