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Originally Posted by Scottrik
I've got no idea if the default (which really isn't, it appears if it has to be entirely re-coded) has been overwritten or not--I just assume it has. I've got the handheld programmer instructions (single side of page, mostly having to do with installing AAA batteries ) and the back page of the Setting Card manual has some cursory discussion of the settings, but nothing that makes me comfortable with screwing around in there.

Always nice to have a default you can swim back to if you completely muck things up.

Can someone direct me to the KO website area that might have the information I need to get comfy with this device?



Scott, the default setting for the VFS-1 is set at 36 all the way across the entire profile. this is really way too soft for stock or 19T motors. its a neutral setting for mod motors.

here is the link to the VFS help center on the Ko propo site:

there are also some profiles here for stock and 19T... just search back a several pages and you'll see some. hope that helps!
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