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Hey all, my family celebrates Christmas on Christmas eve and much to my surprise, I found a X1CR under the tree! I'm definitely looking forward to putting together here soon, however it is still a long ways away from spring time to start racing it. Anyways, since this was a recent purchase, I'm curious if the newer updated shocks are included? Was that a rolling change with the kit? If not, is there some sort of deal with OFNA where they will replace the shocks? I have no real idea since I get a lot of 'hear say' information from a variety of different racers. One of the things I've heard is this 'running change' with the shocks or replacements from OFNA. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Looks like I'll be hanging out in this thread a bit more often now getting tips and tricks from all of you that have been running the buggy for some time now.
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