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Originally Posted by imprsme
Why get your panties in a bunch.... Steve said the car will not be to him for atleast 2 weeks! With Christmas this weekend and New Years next weekend you know deliveries are gonna be slow.

So If you are planning to be out of town for 3 weeks then you may have a problem. But I doubt that most ppl are going to be traveling that long.

Also, If it was me and I was on the list and WANTED THE CAR THAT BADLY and was planning to be out of town and knew I had no internet connection..... I would contact Steve and tell him THAT I WANT THE CAR! Give him all of your info and tell him when he gets to your name, save the few mins. on the e-mail to just box the car up and get it out!

But you know that prob. makes to much sense.
Anthony, that just makes too much sense, plus it doesn't give Howard anything to bitch about. Sorry Howard only pulling your chain. Later.
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