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Originally Posted by caltech1
I am in the process of re-building my TAO3 Ball diff in my MO3L and instead of placing the thrust bearing I am going to place a 1050 wheel bearing and a washer under the hexagonal bolt. I believe this will give more option of running the diff tighter. The only problem I can see with this, is it will more than likely push more coming out of corners.

Does anyone have a opinion on this, as I was also considering building the bevel gearbox with additional washers on both sides of the bevel gear for a tighter fit. This should get the diff to act similar to a spool, which will I think cause additional push through corners.

I am trying to build a diff which will allow faster cornering speeds, while maintaining good handling.

I only run my Mini on asphalt tracks with 60 D tyres. Thanks for you info previously slotmachine.

Any assistance appreciated.

I build my TA03 ball diff like it says in the book, stock grease. I use lock-tite on the adjustment nut. I tighten the bolt very tight and then back it off 1/8th. of a turn, kinda works like a spool also. I have no on power push at all. With mini`s you just have to let off early and hit the throttle at the middle of the apex to carry corner speed.
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