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Originally Posted by koabich
The problem is again the Integy 0-30 tray is NOT an equalizing tray. First of all, while is does drain or discharge each cell individually, it does not stop discharging the cells individually once their voltage reaches a certain point. It keeps discharging the cells. Because of the layout and function of the 0-30 discharger, if the lights go out for one cell you cannot stop the discharging of that cell without stopping the discharge of 2 others.

You can argure that when all the cells have been brought down to zero that they are equalized. But this is not a good argument becuase you cannot store the cells at zero volts. Storing the cells equalized is the only way to receive any benefit of equalizing the cells. So in effect you are not equalizing the cells with this method.

The purpose of equalizing to help further "match" or make the pack act as one big cell. Storing all the cells in a pack at the same voltage will hopefully allow all the cells in a pack to accept the same amount of charge but also help each cell so it gives out the same amount of engery at the same rate as the other 5 cells in the pack.

Also, as you state "zero" is not seen as 0.9 per cell. Zero is seen as zero. 0.9 per cells is seen as the lowest amount of energy you can saftely store in the packs without negatively effecting the performance of the cell.
i agree with you, but integy sells it as a discharger/equalizer. and the thing does not actually cut off at 0, meaning it does not just open a ciruit.. it continues to draw power out of the cell and then it has diode to keep the cell from reversing polarity. so it does actually equalize, but at 0volts.
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