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[QUOTE=AE Racer]Danny said that you should use a turbo 35 to discharge to .9 volts after a race day and disnt mention equalizing them, so apparently his method doesnt call for them to be equalized when they are stored.

So what is the purpose of the high amp tray that you discharge them with before charging? The goal of Danny's method is not to take them down to zero, so then why discharge them at all if it isnt really equalizing or anything? Why use a high amp tray is it just for speed in discharging or to simulate racing conditions?

I sent a bunch of questions to Danny in a pm, but Ill post them here and mabey someone else can help me out.
Would it be good enough if I discharged at 20 amps on my 16x5v6 after a race day? I race offroad so the actual amp draw might be similar, I generally run a 14x2 in buggy. Danny said earlier in the thread that before you charge them you should put them in a high amp discharge tray for 1-2 minutes. Since you arent taking the cells all the way to zero on the high amp tray, that wont equalize the cells, and since you dont equalize the cells when you take them down to .9 volts/cell, when are they getting equalized?


If you re-read my post, my method is identical to SMC's with the exception that I equalize my cells.

Also re-reading my post will answer your question regarding equalizing, high amp trays and bringing the cells down to zero.
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