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Originally Posted by JayBee
Just FYI storing them on the Novak Smart thingie doesn't KEEP your cells equalized at ANY set voltage. Once each individual cell reaches the set voltage the light goes out and the voltage SLOWLY climbs back a bit. The NST doesn't HOLD the cells at that set voltage just takes them there and shuts off. I don't know much about the IB cells YET (I will be doing my own tests) but I do know that they don't like to be stored at 0volts like the GP33's and 37's; they're more tempermental.
You miss read my post. I never said leave them stored on the Novak. I said store them equalized and I recommended the Novak to do that. Your comment can be the same for all discharge and equalizer trays. We all know the cells will usually increase in voltage once they have been discharged but hopefully once all the cells are brought down to the same level, they'll all rise to the same level as well still being equalized.
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