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Jamescam, i take all comments on feedback forums with how much they help the situation. Yours... well yet to find a single post from you which helps resolve any matters on any topic. If you havent noticed a pattern yet, everytime you get on a Neg feedback post, the original reason for the post is lost, and everyone gets pissed with your worthless comments. Just like other cant jump up and down and back Losirunner, YOU cant jump on every thread and back the underdog, and then claim to be all high and mighty, and start throwing around childish name calling. Surely one of the mods can see a trend here?

I get on the feedback forum to check out names of people who are good and bad traders, and im starting to realise, any neg feedback posts where i see your name appear (usually all of them) i stop reading and disregard the whole thread (damn read this one the whole way thru...). If you want this feedback thread to do its job, let the two parties involved sort it out... and contrary to what you think, we can all fend for ourselves, including kennywiz.
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