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whew this is getting pretty heated....

For starters - i didn't even buy the pack from Derek - he was nice enough to throw it in for me when i bought the XXXT from him. Now save the "he threw it in because it was crap" comments because anyone who throws in a matched 3300 pack is extremely generous to say the least.

No I did not have the run time I expected on this pack, but as I said earlier I'm very used to long run times with a nitro car. Also, this pack sat for at least a week during the transaction and when I received it. I did not run it right away. Like I said before - I simply charged the pack, threw it in and ran it. Performance was great as far as punch and power - it just fell flat a little sooner than I expected. I ran a few other packs I own and they had better run time but only by a few laps. This pack is not junk at all and I know it was well cared for. I was happy to see that it was left with a small charge (like all NiMH packs should be) in it when hooked it up to my ICE charger to charge it.

I dont think there is any arguement here - it seems like Ken's expectations were just too high and there are way too many factors that we will not be able to prove to settle this 100%. Therefore, this thread NEEDS TO BE DROPPED for Derek's sake. He does not deserve this bulletin over something that has way too many factors to prove either way.

It would be alot different - for example - if he were selling a nitro engine that had "great compression" and in reality didn't have enough pinch to pull fuel to the carb.

There are way too many factors involved to make this a reasonable arguement.
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