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I'm not taking sides on this one what so ever... Just something I'm curious about.

It's been stated above that by cycling the battery the buyer damaged the pack.

Does everyone agree with this?

When I purchase a used pack (as I did from teamlosi166 recently) I immediately cycle it once or twice to get a ballpark on it's condition. My method is to bring it down to 5.4v with a 10-20amp discharge ( I see no need for more especially with the new IB's). I then throw it on my tekin battery doc 8.0 and bring it down to .7 per cell. Always keeping an eye on temps. After a full cooling period I put it on charge. Being a "new" used pack to me my first charge is at 5amps with a rather low mv threshold on my ICE charger with an also low temp setting. I pay close attention to temps as well on all cells not just the two the temp probe touches. I let the battery rest after charging and then repeat that cycle one more time. I've done this for quite some time now and I've had no problems with new or used packs doing this.

Just curious as to your thoughts on this. The only reason that I posted it here is that some have stated cycling is the reason the pack has "blown".
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