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Originally Posted by jamescam
Since idiots like you have decided to attack the guy I will chime in...

First, you begin by spewing your mouth off when you have no clue what you are talking about. When you say cycling it damaged it you make yourself look like a complete tool, he said he was cycling it to verify if it was junk. Second, Losi has contradicted himself in this thread several times and as everyone seems to jump on Kenny I feel the need to point out the obvious...

Point 1 - Losi said "i had cycled it right b4 i sent it" then in a different he said "i ran that pack right b4 i sent it to u"

Point 2 - Losi said "John told me EVERYTHING was in perfect shape" but John says "did not have the run time i expected"

Point 3 - Losi said "what is funny is that u are the only guy who has ever had a problem with me" unfortunately this isn't true it seems you have had problems with t to the maxx2 and bcoleman have had issues.

Now I am not saying losi sold him crap what I am saying is that these boards are for feedback and if the guy had a bad experience he has the right to post it here without being attacked. TexRacer seemed to stick up for losi in another thread and I know TexRacer and would trust his opinion but if y'all feel the need to gang up on the guy who seems to have a legitimate beef then I am always up for a little flame war.

there was no need to be calling people names like"idoit" jamescam................I was stating a fact that kennywiz said he "cycled that battery pack more then once without using it to put a proper load it,therefore cycling it repeatdly like he did the damage to it.I know from expierence! Kennywiz needs to quit while he is buried in this junk......
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