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Originally Posted by Scottrik
Anyone who buys even a LIGHTLY used pack and expects the numbers to be what the labels on it said is also bound for disappointment as well.
I think the bigger issue was the 2 dead cells. Do you think it is ok to buy a pack on here with 2 dead cells? Come on, you aren't that dumb are you?

Who notices Jamescam was uncharacteristically silent re: the cycling/running issue
He said he had the pack cycled then he said he ran the pack. Here on planet earth it is still possible to run a pack with 2 dead cells. Occassionally pros will disable 1 cell in their pack so their cars perform better on certain track conditions.

Who noticed that it was rather funny that Scott defended the cycling comment, the "what John said" comment, but completely skipped over the comment about losi having problems with anyone other than kenny? Seems points 1 & 2 had some room for spin while the facts made point 3 unspinnable

Your lesson for today is now complete, you are welcome

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