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Default ....?Pudge and Joe Pillars? R they [email protected]?....

What is this world coming too?

Seems that Ryan C. (pudge) and Joe Pillars are calling a leaving funny and then mean threats on Gabe Boudreau's cell phone.

here is a quick link to it..... www.gabeboudreau.com/pudge_calls.mp3


Those of you that don't know Gabe, he is this wild and crazy dude that has been around this industry 24 years now....he's got a BIG mouth but the kid can drive and back up his game!

He's been long time buddies with the likes of Kinwald, Hodapp, Furutani, Losi Jr., Peanut, Drake, Hodgimoto, Francis, Easton, and even Cavi and Pillars.

GUY is INSANE....I read his blogs on his myspace.....oh boy!

www.myspace.com/boudreaugabe if you want to see his profile!

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