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Originally Posted by judge10tpt
a. give more run time,
b. allow to gear up for better straight speed (for long open tracks)
c. effect servo speed,
d. work with the spektum system
e. have any ill efects that i havnt thought about,
a) a tiny bit more
b) possibly
c) it would depend on the voltage already supplied by your esc, but the servos shouldn't be any slower.
d) I see no reason why not
e) just remember to remove the red wire from your ESC's receiver plug.

If you are 120g underweight, a receiver pack is a great use of ballast. Make sure it is 5-cell (6v), with 120g of weight you could actually build it out of quite large cells if you wanted to, rather than the titchy cells they use in 1/12th. The larger cells will last longer between charges and will give more current to the servos.
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