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Cool Question About The Use Of Receiver Packs

i have a question for all racers out there

i use a

yokomo BD,
ko 2343 servo,
ko VFS-1,
spektum radio system,
silver can 540 Johnson motor,
sanyo 1300 scr batteries (best punch, limited to 1500Mah for this class)

i have to use 120grms of weight to get to the 1500 weight limit

the question i have is that, instead of using weights to get to the weight limit, if i used a reciver battery pack for xtra weight would that

a. give more run time,
b. allow to gear up for better straight speed (for long open tracks)
c. effect servo speed,
d. work with the spektum system
e. have any ill efects that i havnt thought about,

any ideas would be cool
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