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Originally Posted by etgdpu
The new Sirio EVO3 does not suffer from that problem. I would say that it is very reliable, if you consider that I replaced the two bearings and the conrod/pin after 12 lt (6 races with the practise on Saturday) and the engine performed really well until then. Of course I was diassembling the engine for cleaning and inspection after every meeting. After the replacement, the engine was better than before, cause the piston was really in his best shape for performance.

I am very satisfied and I would recommend this engine.
It is not true to say that the EVO 3 does not suffer from that problem, just yours has not. Not all EVO 2 cranks broke either, but Sirio quality control is less than Novarossi without a doubt. If yours is still fine then thats great luck for you.

But more importantly then the broken cranks is the stunningly bad customer service. Of course this may be just my country, but I also have corresponded directly with Italy with no success. I know of personally 4 people waiting over 6 months now for replacement cranks. How is customer service in Greece?

End of the day Sirio is same price as Novarossi, less performance than new Novarossi. Why bother to spend the money?
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