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Default Any current TCs fully dialed out of the box?

During my brief time in this hobby, I have owned an Associated Team TC4 (started life as an RTR, but got upgraded in all essential areas to be = or > than the Team) and a Losi JRXS.

I have only run on asphalt so far, no carpet experience yet. I tried a number of different setting and modifications, but never got the TC4 to the point where it felt like it turned in well. I don't feel it was just due to my being a newbie as I have read comments here and in magazines suggesting the the tub based TC4 just does not turn in well regardless.

After that, I got the Losi. It turns in really well with the out of the box set up. However, if I accelerate out of a medium sharp or sharper turn before straightening the front wheels, the back end steps out and the car locks itself into a spin that only stops when the car is no longer moving (i.e., steering won't get the car out of its spin). Losi has posted a revised set up that is supposed to cure this problem and improve overall handling. I have not tried it yet as it requires purchasing numerous new parts, some of which are not yet available from Losi (although there are some substitute parts available from some industrious 3rd party fabricators). Eventually, I will go to this set up.

Meanwhile, I am very curious if there are any cars that run really well on asphalt (also running well on carpet would be an extra bonus) using the straight-from-the-factory, right-out-of-the-box set up. If not, a close second would be cars that are fully dialed with only minor and inexpensive tweaks.

As it is, I am having trouble improving my driving skills and avoiding serious crashes. Starting with a car that is fully dialed would be a real help.

I am really enjoying this hobby overall, but I would love to get to the point where I can focus mostly on driving and less on expensive and complicated chassis mods. I think I'd be willing to spend some money to get there.

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