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Great news fellas! Us Canucks (Jeff Beaule, Andy Vetor and I Aaron) kick some butt in the Karl Mackie Race Against Cancer Trophy Race. We not only did well on the track but did awesome off the track, showing people the eXpress product. We were commented on how fast we were many times. They were very thankful for the packs that were donated as well. Thanks Jon and Jeff.


I TQ'd 12th scale stock and finished in 2nd, I believe I was 3 tenths of a second off the leader after the race was done as well.

Jeff TQ'd and WON pan car oval. DOMINATED THE WHOLE ENTIRE RACE. Way to go Jeff. Jeff also qualified 2nd in stock touring but unfortunately broke early.

Andy TQ'd stock touring but was running 3 wheel drive almost the whole entire race and ended up 2nd.

The winner of stock touring was Mike Moore, he was running eXpress batteries for the A main and said it was the fastest pack that he has ever ran! He ended up buying a pair of Jeff's personal batteries afterwards LOL

Rob Say, who was also running eXpress, started 2nd in 12th scale and finished 3rd and was able to finish 3rd in touring. WAY TO GO ROB.

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