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hey everyone,

just finished rebuilding my R2 and cleaning EVERYTHING lol

just a few quick questions if you wouldnt mind:

how do you guys all successfully and precisely get the rear toe-in angle right??? with the offset pivot ball adjustment etc??? i have the right toe at 2deg and left at 1deg but i cant get the left to 2

also, i asked previously about swapping left and right rear hubs-whether if was possible or not and was told no because they are angled... but as far as i can see its the arms that create the angle isnt it? when they mount on the pilow balls. I've seen nothing that suggests the hubs are angled but its noticable that the arms are. no disrespect to the person who answered my question previously- thank you, but i just cant figure it out

FINALLY (sorry to bother you all haha)... the xenon conversion is the way to go to make the R2 better right??? a long with aluminium parts. Would anyone have and pics and a price for the conversion??? and/or other aluminium parts?

thank you again very much, im still trying to get my head around this car so your help is much appreciated


Robbie Lloyd

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