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I did the same as DJG24, but I used 40 up front and 35 in the rear. Thicker oil is not completely necessary with the stock setup, but it does help smooth out the landings better off jumps. The buggy tends to stick landings more with the stock silver springs and using thicker oil that using the stock 350cp oil (30wt).
I also like it how Kyosho packed in optional shock pistons as well with the kit. Have any of you tried using different pistons yet in the shocks? Also, for those of you that don't want to buy the expensive Kyosho springs, I noticed one of my friends last weekend using Losi springs on his buggy. Looked like a direct fit with no mods. I run Losi buggies and trucks so I'll check them tonight when I get home to make sure they fit with no mods. Losi springs are nice and cheap at only 2.50$ a set.
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