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Default Slugfest report

Hi Gang,
Wow... I have been busy and I am sorry that I have not been able to produce too many chassis kit's lately. My primary job just had a major project conclude just this last Fri. I am hoping that will free up the time that I need to get kits out the door and get orders filled. I have bumpers and thrust bearings in stock right now, and I am cutting out chassis in the spare time. I am also preparing for Gas Nat's in Kissimmee Fl for the 1st of Nov and will return the 7th. Slapmaster Tools should have my full attention after that. Enough of that!

Here's the good news so far. Rain City Raceway in Lynnwood Washington is one of the Northwest's premier indoor carpet tracks. They just had the latest CRC Ozite carpet installed and the facility is now on par with any of the major electric races accross the country. What makes it beter, is that I rent a space to produce the MS2.3 just one flight of stairs away from the track. But, I have not had the time to practice. In just the last few days, I have been able to sneak a pack a night. Not a lot, but at least it was some time on the new track that I can build new knowledge for the 2.3 set up.

Rain City has their annual Slugfest 2 day event to kick off the carpet racing season every Oct. This year, they were not able to get enough in the 12th Mod class going. But they did get a good tallented group of 12 stock drivers together. I thought, OK, I will refine the stock set up for the new car. I took the 2.2 set up and found that it pushed on the new carpet. So right away, I dropped the arms to the lower holes and left the side springs in from the mod set up in the damper tubes. Using Parma pink rears and purple fronts at 1.70 and 1.64, the car still pushed for my liking. With the front end at 3 degrees caster, 1 and 1.5 degrees camber, .020 springs, a fat 1/4" of TQ mod on the inside, quite a bit of toe out (2+ per side), one of the bat's moved all the way forward, green spring with 25wt and a .075 t-bar with all 3 spacers.... it was a pretty straight forward mod set up except for the toe out. I put the car on the pole with a 48/8:09, but I didn't feel that the motor was up to the task. It was AE Monster stock geared 29/96 with a 1.61 roll out. Don't get me wrong, it was on the pole by over a lap, I just felt that there should be more.

So with a pretty strong run on the books, it was time to get funky. I changed the brushes in the motor, put a red + spring, green - spring, changed the tires to a Parma pink rear at 1.84 and a Jaco purple front at 1.72, redid the gearing at 27/96 or a 1.62 roll out, changed to 30wt to get a little more off power steering, changed the side springs to 22/20 from 18/22 to make a little more steering happen across the board, changed to a Sylva med steel t-bar with only two spacers, left one bat forward with the other back. What the hell, let's give it a try. It definitely had more steering then the couch on wheels that I drove earlier. I had to pay more attention, but I like that. The car seemed a little more free'ed up in the corners and handled the tighter stuff without any issues. I went about 4 seconds faster for a new TQ at 48/8:05.... well over a lap over 2nd. The AE motor felt a little stronger, but not earth shattering. Then again, a 27 single just doesn't pull the same way a 10 turn does! The guys that run stock all the time, would know the right moves to make to make 'er scream. I am using the latest SMC IB 3800's with a LRP Quantum 2. I had a rediculous amount of run time left over. I have to say, that I am quite pleased with the car. My last run had a fast lap of 9.8 with the slow lap at 10.3 and the two stray laps of 10.6's for a pass moves. The car could do 10 flats for 11 minutes!

I have a few other customers that are running their MS2.3's this weekend back east. Tom is one and I hope that he gets a chance to chime in to share his weekend.

I have all the materials and products at the shop to make up kits, now it's just a matter of sitting down and getting the job done. Several customers have been patient and I appreciate that.

Stay tuned!
Brian; [email protected]
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