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Originally Posted by v0rtex
Dirt karts race on ovals, yes? Fair enough that dirt karters need to practice both ways because of thier oval tracks, but our track isnt an oval and has left and right turns therefore your point is moot. Of course, dirt karts dont go over jumps either, jumps need to be built to have take off and landing sides.
We raced on some ovals but majority were either kidney shaped tracks or regular style raceway layouts with a big mix of turns - it depended on the club.. you do have some valid points regarding jumps from either direction though, and im hoping to redo the jumps if we get sdmcc approval for a bobcat.

Originally Posted by v0rtex
As a fairly experienced RC racer, im happy and willing to help out with the club and running of the meetings - but please ask the experienced racers what they think of a change before implimenting it I hope the nitro side of the club is more formalised tomorrow night at the AGM, im happy to be a part of any official positions if so
Difference of opinion or not, i'd be happy to have you help run the meetings because i surely cant do it alone. As for asking the experienced racers, thats what i intend to do at the drivers breifing since the only opinions that matter are those it will affect on the day (the drivers). Majority decision will always rule is the fairest way to do it, regardless of which way it goes.

Originally Posted by v0rtex
Something else that needs to be brought up at this point is that each class will need a 5 minute (minimum) warm up before the start of thier qualifier or race - i know it takes a few mins for my buggy to come up to race temperature

I hope my response doesnt come across as rude or anything, im just really against the idea of changing direction in the middle of a meeting
Yes we will have to have a warmup period. Nitro onroad @ the parks raceway (MRCCA) give you 5min warm up, then call you to the grid one minute early before the race starts @ the 5min mark, i was thinking we can do something similar. Its totally up to the driver if they use their entire 5min warmup, or just fire up in the final minute before race start.

Mate, i dont take your response negatively, and i sincerely hope you dont mine either... I actually appreciate any comments (either good or bad) when they are put forward in a constructive manner as you have, and thats why i'd be happy to have you help run the meets....

The only comments i hate/ignore are the knockers/negative ppl who have no intention of attending the meet, or those who dont offer either a reason why or an alternate solution to the problem.
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