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Originally Posted by oblivion
well at the end of the day it depends on what the majority of racers want, but when i raced dirt karts we raced in both directions EVERY meeting for various reasons.

1) makes you a better driver and is more challenging
2) some ppl prefer one direction, some will prefer the other. this suits everyone.
3) makes you have a more balanced setup instead of a set up to turn one direction only.
Well, if we're going to bring up Karting as an example, in my 8 years of bitumen Karting (including state, national and international meetings) we NEVER raced any other direction than how the meeting was started. Remember, bitumen kart tracks have left and right hand turns.

Originally Posted by oblivion
To suggest doing so means we arent serious about racing is way out in left field..Are you suggesting that many types of motorsport including AIDKA (Aust. independant dirt kart assoc) and its 20+ clubs arent serious about their racing just because ALL dirt karting tracks run heats in both directions?
Dirt karts race on ovals, yes? Fair enough that dirt karters need to practice both ways because of thier oval tracks, but our track isnt an oval and has left and right turns therefore your point is moot. Of course, dirt karts dont go over jumps either, jumps need to be built to have take off and landing sides.

Originally Posted by oblivion
IMHO, ppl who are serious have learnt how to turn left and right and would be happy to run in either direction.
i dont know why you want to limit yourself to only one direction for the entire season, but thats the sort of thing the racing majority will decide on at the start of a meet.
Turning left AND right isnt the problem. The problem is changing direction of racing in the middle of the meeting.

Back to Nitro off-road, I think it is extremely unwise and unprofessional to change direction of racing in the middle of a meeting. Sure, one meet one direction, the other meeting the other direction. Just dont change in the middle of a meeting!

As a fairly experienced RC racer, im happy and willing to help out with the club and running of the meetings - but please ask the experienced racers what they think of a change before implimenting it I hope the nitro side of the club is more formalised tomorrow night at the AGM, im happy to be a part of any official positions if so

Something else that needs to be brought up at this point is that each class will need a 5 minute (minimum) warm up before the start of thier qualifier or race - i know it takes a few mins for my buggy to come up to race temperature

I hope my response doesnt come across as rude or anything, im just really against the idea of changing direction in the middle of a meeting
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