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Originally Posted by promugenman

how lobg do tanks last in a monster truck? in a buggy, especially on the MV track where we will be spending a fair bit at WOT our tanks won't last much more than 6 - 7 minutes. i intend on taking my buggy for a test run down there & timing the run i get out of a tank.

it's just that a lot of guys won't bring a pit crew for various reasons & a 10 minute main will need a pit crew for refueling. unless we get some guys running pitstops instead of marshalling, the 10 minute main might need to be reduced until we sort something out. i'm all in favour of 10 - 15 minute mains as long as we have something in place for the guys who can't supply their own pit crew.

i'm willing to see how the multidirection works, those jumps on the infield may need a bit of tweeking, they were built for clockwise running, i guess practise will tell how they perform.

see you tomorrow night at he AGM.
It depends on the truck, but from my experience the average smallblock (Tnx/Tmaxx2.5) with 125cc tank will run for 8-10 depending on tune. Bigblocks with bigger 145 -160cc tanks seem to run for a similar amount of time due to the increased tank size.
If we get enough ppl we will do 10min mains, and if not then we will just go with a regular 5min race length.

Regarding the cw/ccw direction running and other issues which may be raised now or in the future, im not going to be a dictator and tell you how it will be without getting opinions from ppl who are the regular racers, which means i do value your opinion even if it does differ from mine.

10min mains + ccw/cw direction running are all issues we will decide on at the start of our first meeting during the drivers breifing.
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